Server Maintenance


Like everyone else in our community, I was slightly taken aback by the inability to log into the Electroneum website and the Electroneum app today. I can’t help but wonder how this type of situation would cripple future markets that rely on Electroneum as their primary currency. As mass adoption becomes closer to reality, the Electroneum network needs to be air tight so that any type of server maintenance does not cause wallet downtime.
I come from a background of building systems engineering. When designing building systems for clients who’s business is highly critical, the systems are designed in a redundant nature so that the facility is always running smoothly with zero possibility of system downtime. I would imagine that VISA’s network is set up in a similar fashion. My point is, whatever is the cause of the wallet downtime needs to be addressed.
I’m a major Electroneum supporter. This post is not meant to be taken as FUD. I’m posting this as a concerned ETN investor that wants nothing but future success for Electroneum. Here’s hoping that any future server issues or upgrades can be done while not impacting the ability to use the online wallet. That said, I realize that Electroneum is working hard to improve their infrastructure so I’m confident this will be a small lesson learned for future improvements.



1000% agree. Now we don’t know if it’s planned maintenance or not and it’s heavy ddos… We need information and clarification… Not silence…


my guess: they make people relogin to ensure kyc. I managed to relogin in the app , I have level 3 kyc though


Yeah its not a good look that is for sure. We need to know the systems are 100% reliable but it’s still early days yet and I am sure they are aware of the problems.We are in very much uncharted waters here with new technology so there will be problems that come up for sure. It’s a question of how they deal with it as we move forward.


My app has been updated, so I assume it was to do with that. I guess they could have announced about any downtime, but for me once updated it was working fine.


It made me re-authorize my device for some reason and when I clicked the link it went to 502 bad gateway. Not sure what is going on.


I had exactly the same problem…502 bad gateway…


I need to verify my IP adress and getting the bad gateway status too. I can mine free crypto right now. Help me I am addicted to ETN Electroneum.


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Agreed , silence is the worst thing . Even if it was a hack or a mistake just tell us something. I just hope they are integrating a new partnership or something hence the silence. …


It is almost 9pm UK time so pretty late but they should really put up a message…


Alright alright alright Ladies and Gentlemen. The Servers are communicating again! is back in business. :point_up::sunglasses:


Yep, back online here! :+1:t2:


Back, and it’s superfast!


haha man its always something. Now I can log on to my online wallet but when I go to settings and my profile I can’t load the page it comes up with redirect errors and timeouts

damn this is so tiresome