Semi-final vote, ETN vs PundiX

This should be an easy win. Be sure to retweet, do not like!!!

Alright will vote right just now


Voted. Should be an easy win!


It appears the CEO of PundiX just changed the entire project upside down and they will be going back to ERC20? Interesting. I don’t know that project in any real detail, but it almost smells like a situation of running out of money due to the bear market. I am sure all that POS and phone hardware can’t be cheap. Total speculation on my part. But people are pretty unhappy.

Not sure how we are losing! Vote! Vote! Vote!


Where’s the link I wanna vote

The very top…but you said you already voted as indicated in your first reply. I’m confused…

Have voted yesterday but thought it’s different one

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But we were leading the whole of yesterday,

Well between all the topics and all the social media were going pretty strong! ,!
Huge effort all around!

Anyway that’s true but we ain’t noted for losing

Getting stronger every challenge they put before us.

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I just checked and we leading but a whole 10+ hours to go,I’m sure we’ll carry the day

Considering the dramas that the opposition are going through.
I mean look at the comments.
If we lose theres definitely conspiracy.
There is no positive sentiment shown in the opposition.

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I have censored the post…

ETN are through to the final.

Well done everyone that voted.

Now for the final push in the final v Electracoin ECA.

Will have to be careful voting both start Electr…!!


Well done all!

Looking at the vote counts, it seems the competitions involving ETN are getting 3-4 times (or more) the votes than any other contest, yet ETN usually only wins by a margin of ~5%…something is fishy.

Looking at the Electra vs Stellar vote, they only had ~1000 total votes while we had over 2500. Logic would dictate we should slaughter elecra based on volume alone…but we shall see how it works out.

I predict another ETN win in the final and a second win in the final’s redo.


@Cryptoman976. …GOOD JOB!!

Is that your official T/A?
I’ll buy it for sure.

@TheRealJohnDough is invested in and promotes “Rapids”
At least he’s into crypto.!
I tried to persuade him…sensibly of course!


Yes sir, official TA, we win;p

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