Sector PC South Africa


To all the community members here in South Africa Go check out our Christmas Specials ending on 21 December.

Get it all delivered before Christmas day.

Best part. You can pay via ETN

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Nice looking site! :sunglasses::+1:


@Emmanuel can you promote this at all?


Yes of course why u asking?


It’s from your area of the world I thought it might be a good topic? It’s tottally up to you but the more ETN is used as a coin the more it will increase in value in my opinion. :sunglasses::+1:


Thank you very much, spent some rough man hours on this


This would be amazing @Emmanuel


I really like your store!
All your hard work will pay off very nicely.
That Electroneum payment option down the bottom kf the page just makes it happen for me!
Great idea @The-Magic-Man asking @Emmanuel to promote it through his YouTube channel.
The Power of networking at its Finest!
Good luck…


I found his video @Emmanuel of your store! Look below!


I’m sure there was a longer one I saw somewhere!? Maybe his data ran out?


Hi @Emmanuel I very much appreciate your efforts in this video. Thank you very much.


@Emmanuel We are also looking at cross border shipping our products next year. Just looking to find reliable shipping partner for this


That would be a great business opportunity for somebody!!! @Emmanuel


Have you looked into DHL?
They will be one of the first and the largest logistics companies on the blockchain.


I did in the past look at them, back then their rates were to high. But will have a look again maybe they have changed their ways


I wonder how much more you get charged than we do here.
Its cruel how selected parts of the world are charged so much more relatively for goods and services.
Its going to be great to see the blockchain reduce that difference somewhat.
I mean once you apply blockchain to a system of logistics its a 20% saving.(roughly)


The second half of the video!!