Scheduled Downtime for Monday 10th 10am (UTC)


Everything feels really snappy. Nice work!


Is your miner working? Mine is still down for maintenance.


Yup, still down for me.


Thank you very much for the update @chris.gorman, it’s much appreciated good sir.


Just came back up for me now :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here, the miner is back online and fully functional. :grin:


Miner back online,time to mine some etn!
Any idea when we might get cloud mining on android???


Likewise, back in the game. Only 3600 miners active right now!


Anyone else having difficulty in logging into their Electroneum wallet?


Right now online is 40 190 users. But section VALUE - need corection:
There is bugged price - it didnt change after refresh
and section Exchanges - need to add mising one like Okex + Hitbtc + Sistemkoin
And change name of Qryptos to Liquid
@Bee @BegaMutex @MSystem @stuart.mcbride Thanks for looking into this…


Thanks so much for the updates.
I just :heart: the Spirit of this Project.
Big as the World!,


Спасибо! Ждем! Успехов Вам!


Hi guys, is only me that app still not works or is it normal? When i try to login, still appears the confirmation form for the confirmation. Thanx guys