Scheduled Downtime for Monday 10th 10am (UTC)


We are performing a large database migration to Amazon Aurora on Monday the 10th at 10am (UTC) which will cause a few hours of down time for both the app and the web wallet system. We have scheduled 5 hours of downtime but will hopefully be back fully live much faster. This upgrade is to give us even more scaling capability for our projected growth in 2019.…/amazon-aurora-as-an-alternative-t…/

Thanks for your patience during this update.

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Hello and thankyou Richard for giving the community fair warning.
Wonderful news.
Still maintaining the air of excitement I see.
Great Work!!


Great to see you getting this in place prior to all you mentioned in 2019 Richard. We all appreciate the hard work by you and the team.


That’s hardly painful in the grand scheme of things. This is great news. Onwards the project marches: Unstoppable!


Terrific news. Onwards and upwards!


Upgrades … I do like a good ol’ upgrade


Good to know, wish you success


Hope it ain’t like the upgrades we have at work.

We have the inept Three Horsemen of the “Business IT Systems” Apocalypse virtually everytime they do upgrade the proverbial hits the fan.

After months of getting used to this upgrade guess what… yep time for another upgrade.


Hey folks!

We’ve looked at our data transfer rates and it looks like our database migration is going to take longer than we thought.

Everything will be wrapped up and back online by 9pm (UK time) tonight, we’re certain.

Thanks for your patience – sorry for any inconvenience!


Becool i will not spend a single ETN to day so have fun transfering the data. Happy Days


Thanks for the update @Jade_O
A lot of folks here really appreciate the updates.
We all appreciate the teams hard work and the upgrades to the system in general!
Onwards and Upwards!


Hi Everyone the database migration is complete and transaction services are up and running.
The miner needs to run a rebuild process overnight, and we expect this to be back online today (11th Dec)
Thanks for everyone’s patience and support.

Many others are pulling back due to the current market challenges, Electroneum are the opposite, we are stepping up.
Our products, our ecosystem and our community are all coming together, to work as one. We know where we are going and we know how to get there. As a team we will overcome every obstacle and really look forward to this great journey together.

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

It’s a pleasure to be part of it!


Well done Mr. Gorman, Richard and the Team!!!


Thank you for the update Chris the team did a great job with this upgrade!


Great to hear! FOMO 2019 ETN!


Well done, squirrels :heart:


Great news…keep up the fantastic work…


Thanks for this update ! It was helpful


Great job , onwards and upwards :rocket: