Reversing Aging - Is It Possible? Yes!

Just wait till you go over all I sent and keep digging, it has me so excited I about get the chills. Currently those who make it to 2030 will likely make it to a level of therapies to do quite a bit to to help keep us going we’re going to see A LOT from this field over the next 10 years. The ultimate goal is 2050 where aging should be handled completely although I think it’ll be be before that possibly with Crispr.

I wanted to share this too since people can donate to and SENS now. The primary thing holding it back is literally money. If I succeed to the extent I hope to with ETN i’d donate heavily and in fact I’d donate a portion of all my net income to help speed it up.

So for now I just try to get the word out about it as much as I can.

Another interesting factor, Liz Parrish whom I mentioned above is the first woman/human ever to test these therapies on herself. How well are they doing you ask? It’s been a home run as far as success. She lost her son to diabetes and it is what motivated her to get into this, she’s a good human being. She said I won’t give anyone else a therapy I wouldn’t take myself so she owns the company and literally the test subject, putting her money where her mouth is

Read that and get your mind blown, it’s crazy how well it’s doing.