Reversing Aging - Is It Possible? Yes!


Good morning everyone, I wanted to bring another fascinating topic to light here this morning and it’s the subject of being able to reverse aging. Seems far fetched right? But it’s not and in fact we’re well on our way to being able to do just that. I’ll share some great videos and links with all of you so you can do your own research into the subject.

Personally I’d love to stay alive and healthy as long as possible even virtually indefinitely if the science gets to a point it’s possible which is actually very likely. Another interesting fact since this is a cryto community you’ll find it interesting to know cryto holders and even one very well known creator has been huge in funding this research.

This is also Aubrey’s website for his foundation which is helping fund and do research to help reverse the damage as get as a result of aging. Take a look around the site lot’s of good information there.

What Is Aging?

Listen to one of the pioneers in this industry explain, but there are many players in this field to defeat aging whom are doing amazing work.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

You’ll see tons of related videos here as well there is a lot to absorb. But I will share as much of what I found as I can. Below I will put a list of some people and companies working on this however not even I know all of them so I will post some key players which when you look into them you’ll find more and more on the subject.

People helping to reverse aging:

  • Dr. Aubrey de Grey - SENS Research Foundation

  • Elizabeth Parrish - Elizabeth ( Liz ) Parrish is the CEO of BioViva, a biotechnology company that focuses on developing gene therapies, and other regenerative therapies, to intervene with human aging

  • George Church - Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and MIT.

  • Peter Diamandis - Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI)

These are just a few but more can be brought up as people comment on the post. Another honorable mention due to his high level of accuracy in predictions is Ray Kurzweil currently working with Google. He’s a big supporter of this technology too and predicts within 10-15 years we’ll have this quite close to solved.

Companies/Foundations Working On Aging:

  • SENS
  • BioViva Science
  • Human Longevity Inc

  • Lifespan IO

  • Oisin Biotechnologies

  • AgeX Therapeutics

I’ll stop there, the list goes on and on really, this is just an example of how big it’s gotten. We’re on the cusp of a new era for all human kind and a very exciting one at that.

Another big question is why would you want to keep living for say 100s, 1000s or even 10s of thousands of years of even far more. It’s a hard concept to fathom for most since it’s alien to most people and something most aren’t aware of as of yet.

Why keep living? Won’t we get bored? Etc.

My answer is because life is amazing and imagine living till we become a multi planetary species seeing all kinds of new worlds. Imagine experiencing all the amazing technologies coming in the future like being able to one day experience true virtual reality indistinguishable from our own in realness where you could go on any adventure you can dream up. There will be so many incredible things to see and do that at least to me would virtually never end. I’d spend time doing what I said above in addition to learning new languages, acquiring a vast array of new skills I otherwise would have never had time for.

The possibilities are endless, all that said of course it won’t be for everyone, I just feel the option to extend healthy human life spans should be available to those whom wish to do it.

Another beautiful thing about this technology is in the long run it’s not JUST about extending life but it could very well mean the end to medicine. In other words the elimination of all disease one day where we are incredibly healthy due to the highly advanced medical technologies and therapies that will be created.

Imagine no more Cancer, no more Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or any other horrible nasty degenerative condition you can think of. Also this technology is aiming to not just reverse aging damage this also means you’d be youthful the optimum age far as health and appearance is generally around 25 meaning once it advances enough you could be biologically say 500 but look, feel and be as healthy as someone who’s 25.

I’ll end with a few videos for you all.

Great channel that uploads all kinds of videos about ending aging and the science of it.

Once you go through those it’ll lead to countless more videos that go over all of this. I hope you all enjoy and give your thoughts on the subject. Oh and also I messaged SENS about accepting ETN for donations earlier today too. If they don’t respond to my comment I will email Aubrey directly and see if I can get them to accept it.


yeah id give that a go as long as the ageing process gets rid of disorders and disabilities .

id love to see the future , flying cars transporters like star trek, a world without war …

thankyou for the post very informative great read.


I always enjoying seeing new people want to go through the process and as you dig through all the research and successes you’ll see along the path it’ll likely get to a point of most if not all disease going adios. It’s an important part of the goal not just to keep living but live very healthy and look maintain a youthful appearance.

I really agree with you on a world without war, it solves nothing. As a species we really need to have unity and get past our differences and work together on solving the worlds problems.

Oh man, going on Star Trek type ships just imagine actually being there to experience that? Then anything your imagination can cook up, boring is the last thing it’ll be.


That’s a dream come true , venture into space , distant galaxies . Sleep pods like passengers . I would sign up today if that’s our future


Just wait till you go over all I sent and keep digging, it has me so excited I about get the chills. Currently those who make it to 2030 will likely make it to a level of therapies to do quite a bit to to help keep us going we’re going to see A LOT from this field over the next 10 years. The ultimate goal is 2050 where aging should be handled completely although I think it’ll be be before that possibly with Crispr.

I wanted to share this too since people can donate to and SENS now. The primary thing holding it back is literally money. If I succeed to the extent I hope to with ETN i’d donate heavily and in fact I’d donate a portion of all my net income to help speed it up.

So for now I just try to get the word out about it as much as I can.

Another interesting factor, Liz Parrish whom I mentioned above is the first woman/human ever to test these therapies on herself. How well are they doing you ask? It’s been a home run as far as success. She lost her son to diabetes and it is what motivated her to get into this, she’s a good human being. She said I won’t give anyone else a therapy I wouldn’t take myself so she owns the company and literally the test subject, putting her money where her mouth is

Read that and get your mind blown, it’s crazy how well it’s doing.

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Great article just came out from Forbs on this subject! I’ll be posting a lot more interesting things here in the coming days too.


Great article …

Thanks for sharing… I’ll go back to my 20’s please. Lol


Lol same! Actually according to all the people working on this, the ideal age for optimum health is 25. That’s the target biological age they’re mostly aiming to keep people at. Can’t imagine how amazing that’d be!


My personal age is 20 o was very athletic then. At 24 I hurt my back so if the age reversal works would the body remember it’s state at that age ??

If not then 25 is sweet , if it does 20 will be fine hahahah


Well they judged 25 based on the peak optimal health, but either would be good lol. Well I will say too that I also think injuries like that will also be fully correctable too. Medical tech is in general is also advancing really fast.

I can’t wait till this is all coming to fruition, that would be cause to celebrate! Imagine the time when you could be 500 but look 25? lol it’ll sure be interesting times then.


Well if that’s the case sign me up , I need a few things repairing hahahaha


Lol, I know the feeling I think everyone has a few things they’d like to repair.

Btw, this SENS one of the main foundations working on this is aiming for human trials in 2021.
People can also donate to them too to help fund the research I posted their main website above
but here’s the site for the trials coming up.

Also, I am going to email them soon about accepting Electroneum as a form of donation. They accept a few different cryptos already.