Recurring Payments?


Hi all !

I saw this posted on Andreas Antonopolus Patreon Account while checking out his profile.

Patreon has roughly 2 million monthly active users as of oct 31, 2018 and 100k patreon creators

Not sure if etn is suited for recurring payments? @ETNCEO Just an idea when I saw the Patreon site :slight_smile:


That would be a great idea @Annastasia, I had mentioned Patreon on the Fortnite post, it’d be a fantastic partner and I think it’d attract a lot of content creators to using ETN.


Thanks @J5Alive ! One thing I know is the opportunity for etn is everywhere around us. :boom:


You’re most welcome and ty you too, it would be well worth it for the team to reach out to them. There’s soooo many partnerships that ETN would fit with perfectly. I swear, a never ending list!


Nice find! :+1: I agree there are so many options for integration. I do think Electroneum could complete recurring payments as it is pretty much the same as subscriptions which they are already working to integrate. :zap: I also think the team should reach out and consider it. :+1: 2 million monthly active users is appealing :thinking:


Andreas is one of the most important guy in the field actually I have a lot of courses by him at Nicosia university wonderful hope to see him interact in our ETN project :wink:


Patreon is anti free speech.