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Would it be possible to update the inapp receive payment page so that it includes the easy fiat/etn calculator similar to the value page.

This will allow small scale spaza shop vendors to easily use the app to covert and calculate payments for real world items.

This will save time because the vendor won’t first have to open the value page to covert and then go back to the receive payment page. It could then all be done from one page in the app.

Hope I am explaining this so it’s understood.

Anyway just an idea



In my opinion it does seem like that would be more organized. If they moved the calculator to the wallet screen and put it as another option under balance that seems logical to me.

Pay, receive, calculate.

This would add simplicity for vendors who will often need to be using the calculator to covert.

To add to this I think having a fiat amount in wallet directly under Etn amount would be nice. Also having a “hide” option to hide your balance.



My thinking is that the converter must be built into the Request an amount page. So vendor or user can enter the fiat amount and it automatically shows the etn amount.

So say he wants to sell a loaf of bread, he enters the fiat amount of the bread R10 the app auto converts to etn and all vendor needs to do is click next and show client qr code.



Oh yes now I understand what you’re saying yes that would be ideal imo. Especially for vendors, that way they don’t need to figure out price in etn, they enter fiat amount they’re requesting to recieve and it coverts to amount in etn.

@SpazaShop brings up a very good point. It would bring a lot of simplicity for vendors converting for payment.

@Rach @ETNCEO @chris.gorman @andrepatta



I’ve somewhat mentioned this in some of my oldest post and this is a fantastic idea and I really hope to see it implemented. Hopefully the team takes notice of this thread @SpazaShop

This would be a huge help for mass adoption and further simplifying the use of ETN in regular life for everyone vendors and individuals alike.



@J5Alive @PrestoCrypto if you like the idea, please vote this thread up so that it can get additional priority. Thank you



Just voted, this is something I’ve been wanting to see so done!

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Thank you. Appreciate your feedback and support.



You’re most welcome @SpazaShop

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Voted and tagged some of the team, hopefully they look at this :+1:



Thank you. Appreciate your assistance.



Great idea! I would rather have a settings option in the app where I can choose to either have ETN displayed as the primary currency or Swedish Crowns (or any preferable FIAT of your choice). The first thing I would see is how much FIAT i have in my wallet with a smaller text (amount of ETN). If i go to Pay, I would insert the amount of FIAT, not ETN.

This could further enhance the user-friendliness of the app and more people would be able to quickly use it.

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i just voted 100 times :smiley:

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From the interview today Richard said this is coming soon :+1: