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This thread will contain a quick summary of what is currently going on at Electroneum. This thread is tailored to the people that visit the subreddit once a week or every so often, new investors interested in Electroneum, and is a quick way to get a one to two paragraph version of what the latest pulse is at Electroneum. If you want more details, there are links below where you can research further. This document will be updated regularly as new announcements are released.

Update: August 22th 2018

  • New blockchain update 2.1.1 to be released soon. Details of fixes. https://github.com/electroneum/electroneum/pull/280

  • There are many new large partnerships in the works, but before they can be announced and these deals can be engaged, ETN needs to fully implement KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certifications. This has become a requirement before the large corporates’ can engage for obvious regulatory reasons… They are doing this via the Fintech Side of the business which already has a clear path for certification, since the block-chain side does not currently have a certification path yet defined in the space. Expected to be complete Q4 2018. More details in 6 part video below.

  • Plans for the New Gig economy site revealed. It will be called Gig.guru (Not Live yet) , this is a Fiverr type website based on gig jobs exchange between 3rd world countries and western world with payments in ETN for their services. More details in 6 part video.

  • Reddit Community makes a list of question for Richard Ells and they answered in a 1 on 1 interview at Electronuems office by AllAboutTech. Video links below. Very detailed in depth answers and information on the company in this 6 part series… Must Watch.

  • New Article on Coin Revolution about ETN. link below.

  • Electroneum listed on CoinBene a top 10 Exchange. Great video on How-to Register and Walk Through of CoinBene listed below.

  • Richard Ells featured on the cover of BOSS Magazine.

  • 2 new articles written by Chris Gorman - Director of ETN - Great Reads on Enabling a global community to help the unbanked trade out of poverty . (see links below)

  • New 7 part mini series about ETN and plan for unbanked released. Link below.

  • A month ago ETN has announced the new Instant Payment System and early July they went live with accepting beta testers of the new system. Invites have gone out this week giving the beta testers access.

  • On July 5th, ETN forked back to an ASIC friendly blockchain due to some issues we were experiencing with hash power manipulation. The fork was very smooth and the block chain is now running excellent. If you’re interested in mining with ASICS, good reference link below.

  • HitBTC and Next Exchange is also expected to list ETN Shortly, no date yet confirmed.

  • Apple has approved the IOS version of the Electroneum app but without the miner. It is currently being beta tested to 10k users. Invites for the beta have been going out this week.

  • There are some great articles and posts linked below written by Chris Gorman and M-Systems that are a great read if you missed them.

  • We have started a monthly Q&A with Electroneum where the community can ask questions directly to the team. Once a month we will post the answers and start a new thread and repeat.

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