Question For Electroneum Team

Does the Electroneum team have future innovations planned that will incentivize vendors to not convert to fiat? Or, is the plan to simply wait until the Electroneum ecosystem is robust to the point where converting back to fiat is less beneficial than staying in ETN?

I’ve been watching the project from afar for awhile so I’m not as up to speed as many other members.

Thank you Electroneum team!

@Jonathan @Olivier
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Its the 20 million dollar question

Hi, yes, the whole purpose of creating a full ETN ecosystem so that all Electroneum community members, be it vendors, holders, freelancers, have where to use Electroneum for all their daily essentials.

One of our top priorities, which include massively improving UI and UX and massive TV marketing to bring in new crypto enthusiasts to the Electroneum ecosystem, is to integrate an offramp for ETN enabling users to directly use their Electroneum as efficiently as any other medium of exchange.



We also have to remember that the non-crypto world has to get used to the idea of not using their worthless fiat. Do you recall the first time you ever purchased crypto? I do. I almost got sick to my stomach with the feeling of a total loss of the money I put in…then it grew and I started to understand it…then I went all in (not financial advice) because I knew it was the future of money. We have to remember most of the people in the world have no idea what crypto is, so they need time before they fully embrace it.

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