Purchasing ETN for the mass adoption

I understand that there are currently two ways of getting ETN:

A - Through an exchange - this is quite a complicated way (Sending Money to an exchange - Possibly transferring some Bitcoins to an other exchange to buy some ETN and finally transfer the ETN to the Wallet). This is a fairly “complicated” method that works well, but that does not fit for the mass, especially for the unbanked.

B - By mining some ETN on the mobile phone app. This is a super easy way to get some ETN, but it will bring you only to a very limited amount of ETN.

So my question is: What solution will be provided for the “mass” to purchase ETN?


There is a third, and the most important one, which is the backbone of ETN’s network.
I am talking about actual mining, with an Antminer X3. Not the airdrop on the phone app, which isn’t mining.
You find blocks, get paid and at the same time you help the ETN’s network get healthier and healthier, harder and harder to be broken down. This makes the transactions work flawlessly within the network.

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Oh - yes I agree there is this one too you’re absolutely right… but this is even less for the “mass”… I mean, how will the majority of people wanting to get ETN actually get them… How will the unbanked get access to ETN if he has a few dollars in his pocket and a mobile phone in his hand.

That’s why we have the mobile app. In the near future, you will be able to buy ETN directly from the app.
Which is nice.

Still wondering how this will work out for the unbanked.

At first, they will have the airdrop. With time, the team will find a way to let them purchase ETN, through paycards which you could buy at your local store. Just scan the code on the card with your ETN app and the ETN will be sent to your account. Simple as that. No bank involved.

OK that sounds reasonable. Has Richard already addressed this point in one of his talk?

I think so. But it is the reasonable thing to do as well. As a prepaid sim card. Which we all use.