Promotional messaging for electricity top ups in Africa

Hey guys! As you know, we’ll be launching electricity top ups this summer into four key regions: Nigeria, Mali, Gambia, and Senegal. I’m looking for ideas from the community on messaging to get this concept across to people and get them using it. Does anyone have any ideas?

electroneum the coin with lightning that illuminates your home.


It is very easy to get this message across especially in Nigeria. There would be a mass adoption over time because Electroneum targets one of the highly sought essential service in Nigeria- Power & Electricity.

We just witnessed an unprecedented adoption of digital payment through the use of mobile APP designed and launched by OPAY for online booking for intra city transportation (motorcycle, tricycles, bus and private cars).
This achievement more importantly and marvelously gained the attention of the semi-educated and uneducated fellows irrespective of ages and social factors as they were seen using and navigating this Mobile APP conveniently and enthusiastically for booking and digital payments.
This though wouldn’t have been achieved without the efforts of the recruited community youths and volunteers whom OPAY engaged in advertisements, sharing of OPAY mobile APP to people for installation and teaching them under few minutes how to use the APP to pay for their transportation.
The mass media was also a plus likewise the maiden promotional offers given to users was also contributory to the company’s recorded achievement.
The company (OPAY) is now one of the giant FIN TECH in Nigeria offering services in UTILITY subscription , money transfer etc.

From the foregoing, I am very optimistic ELECTRONEUM will THRIVE in NIGERIA in particular. Cryptocurrency is a song already on the lips of majority of the millennia and even some adults who are techy and/or have young ones around them.
Secondly, most community and households would love to pay their electricity bills from the comfort of their rooms. I am not saying there are no competition but Electroneum has greater value in stock than just the payment of electricity, which is the power of the blockchain technology.
Thirdly, mass adoption would no doubt be experienced because this proposed service by Electroneum would make many persons to begin to get their earnings.
Furthermore, Nigerian community has many tertiary institutions and private hostels where prepaid electricity meters/ direct connections are used dittoed communities, Housing Estates and CDAs, business organizations, offices etc.
Mind you, most of these students are vast in the use of cryptocurrencies, digital payments and enjoying services rendered while in the comfort of their rooms.
It will also interests you that adults and senior citizens and business owners apart from the millennia in schools as mentioned above would key in into this opportunity of paying electricity bills. All you need is community advertisements.
Paying electricity with Electroneum (first of its kind in Nigeria) would be a trending hashtag and massive adoption.

In conclusion, it will be imperative for you to note that the market is there for you, there is to a certain extent the adoption of digital payment for products and services at the cities and to a minimal level in the rural areas.
The methods of spreading the message as you required are not yet exhausted in this write up but so far you can deduce how you can navigate and I believe CEO Richard Ells is very creative and innovative.
There are a lot of Electroneum enthusiasts in the country, am sure they will be willing to spread the gospel.

I wish you success as you commence this task.

Best regards.



Critical Advice:

Educating users in the Electroneum app is poor and currently and needs vast overall

Google reviews will back up this statement and constant same questions in telegram again and again

Two apps do education very well “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royal”

Everytime you login a different banner educates you about something that assists in learning

With the launch of Electricity topups more education is needed and this should be addressed ASAP.

The best promotion is the customer or user!


Welcome to the community forum @Patolas! … and thank you so much for your in-depth response. I will certainly look further into the launch activities of OPay. Do you have any further insight into their promotional activities, or know of anyone who was involved in the launch?

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Thanks for your honest opinion! I’ll DM you so we can chat further.

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Here’s a post I made a while back about a Nigerian instagram influencer with a decent audience who has experience promoting payment solutions.


The same guy was involved with this MTN Mobile money ad.


That’s great! Thank you so much. Do you know of any other influencers?

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@Jonathan kindly check your DM

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What about ETN running a sign up bonus for installing the app and these rewards could only be used for electricity top ups in these regions?

Or, ETN could offer rewards for a limited period of say 3-months, to encourage greater user retention, plus a bonus for referring / signing up other users.

Similar to the now ceased reward system BUT only used to promote new agreements for a very limited time.

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I don’t know of any others but there are sites that rank influencers by followers in different Nigerian cities which could be useful.


I still think there needs to be an incentive for users to go to the hassle, (not a big hassle I know) of downloading the app, finding an exchange and going through the pain of registering, learning how to use etcetera, just to be able to pay their electricity bill without leaving the comfort of their own home.

What am I missing here?

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Hi Mr Johnathan I am from Nigeria, I am under EEDC Enugu Electricity distribution company, it will go viral if your team introduced electreonum as a medium for electricity payment, indeed masses will adopt it to pay there electricity at the comfort of there house since CRYPTO is almost a language Nigerians youth understands well at present,

Currently companies like, general payment (G-pay) vatebra, Fet among others have Partnered with EEDC so that they can serve people more since Nigeria have a huge population and these companies that are in partnership have employed youths with Mobil printers, phones etc to make sales and still to make it easy for people to pay bills, bring such services to the grass root.

Kindly do research about Opay that came to Nigeria and they are now dominating in the area of transportation, just stay in your house and book transport digitally via automatic direction the driver will be at your door step, and this service is far cheaper that otherwise.

Bring up this project and Nigerians will adopt it fast especially when you make it in a way of twice the value, twice the comfort, thank you


Hi @user9858.

May I ask how you would obtain the ETN in order to pay for the electricity, as you have to pay in ETN coins?


If you follow the work done on the ground in SA last year, you will see that ETN is starting to be accepted both on the ground and digitally. Rich also discussed entrepreneurs who do have access to banking facilities/ exchanges acting as middle men. Add to that the on-ramp of AnyTask and there are quite a few ETN sources external of localised exchange usage.

From what we have seen…It’s becoming easier and easier for ETN to flow into the country…the goal now is to give people an incentive to accept it or earn it. Long way to go…but all the cogs are lining up.

That sounds good, so long as it is not a more expensive option than paying in local currency. I am aware someone might be prepared to pay a little more to save their feet but, if they have to shop for other things too, then they are using feet anyway and it would be a mute point.

Naturally, if they can pay for everything else in ETN then why not also pay for electricity with ETN. It would be interesting to hear of the townships and villages where “mass adoption” is taking place.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of AnyTask either. Putting aside people who physically couldn’t use other platforms due to having no bank…with zero seller fees, sellers are already savings 20%+ by selling skills/services on the AnyTask instead of other platforms.

With the team focusing on providing actual tangible off-ramps for spending that earned ETN (such as topups) they are making the entire loop (or eco-system) very inviting and profitable in comparison with its FIAT alternative.


It will be great when they have the off-ramps in place, and advertised. That can’t happen soon enough and again, hopefully the off-ramps will be reasonable with their charges. It is important for all parts of the ecosystem to work harmoniously.

I don’t underestimate the importance of AnyTask. I have always been of the opinion it will one day be huge, both for the people in the target areas and investors. Maybe not on the roadmap atm but it would be great if in time their could also be an ETN market place for non-digital goods and services. A bit like an ETN Gumtree, but miles better - obviously :slight_smile:

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AnyTasks work off your electricity in your spare time and save for a better life!

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