Offline wallet generator
As part of Project Aurelius, after 4th March 2024, we will no longer be providing a Paper Wallet generator and this feature will be removed from our website. If you hold ETN in a Paper Wallet, or any other offline wallet, don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything and this remains the safest way to store your ETN.

We just won’t be doing this bit ourselves anymore. After 4th March 2024, if you would like to generate an offline (cold) wallet to store ETN, there are many providers that you can use to generate a wallet, such as Metamask. This will also give you access to the smart contract functions of the new blockchain.

If you use a third-party wallet provider such as Metamask you should make sure that you are comfortable with the process and you trust the provider. We will be providing an ETN Metamask tutorial shortly after the ETN smart contract blockchain launch in March 2024.

Kucoin deadline
Back in September, we announced that as part of Project Aurelius, some exchanges will be delisting the old blockchain because this update is a significant change to our technology. You may already be aware that one of those exchanges is Kucoin. We are working with Kucoin to re-list as soon as possible but unfortunately, the exact timing of delisting is out of our hands.

It is essential you move your ETN off Kucoin to ensure its safety. If Kucoin relist the smart contract chain there is no guarantee that they will migrate your ETN for you. Moving your ETN to an exchange that is migrating ETN for its users or to a paper wallet is the preferable route.

Remember that after the smart contract update, you will still be able to migrate old paper wallets into the new format. Instructions will be supplied.

If you hold ETN on Kucoin, you should do one of the following three things before 4th March 2024:

Transfer your ETN from Kucoin to an ETN Paper Wallet. Holding ETN in your own Paper (offline) Wallet is the safest way to store ETN. There may be another step for you to do when the blockchain is updated, however, your ETN will be off Kucoin and safe — even after the update. For the time being, you can generate an ETN Paper Wallet here:

Transfer your ETN from Kucoin into a wallet provided by a third party. There are a number of other exchanges that allow you to store ETN. If you do this, you should make sure that you are comfortable with the process and you trust the provider.

Transfer your ETN from Kucoin to an ETN Online Wallet. This way, your ETN will be off Kucoin and will be ready to be transferred over to the new blockchain (estimated 5th March).

You can manage your wallet here:

If you don’t do one of those three steps, your ETN will remain on the Kucoin platform and its future is uncertain. As we said back in September it is bad timing, however, if you do one of the three things we have listed above, you can continue to access and transfer your ETN.