Problems with KYC (especially if you are Dutch)

Dear ETN team and Community,

I am having a few problems with the current way KYC is being implemented.

Lets begin to make clear I am in ICO holder, a big ETN supporter and I truly believe we need some KYC to progress this project.
But the current demands for KYC are way to high in my opinion, and some are not even allowed by Dutch law.

For example: we need to provide both the front and backsides of our ID document.
The backside of Dutch ID documents contains the BSN-number.
This can only be asked for by government agencies and certain other agencies who are allowed to ask for BSN by law.
For ETN/Yoti there is no legal basis to even ask for the backside if a Dutch ID document.
They are only allowed to ask for the front (thats why the BSN is only on the back to begin with :slight_smile: )

Quote from
“The BSN’s main purpose is to help with contacts between different government organisations, and between individuals and government. Non-government organisations – like general practice doctors and other healthcare providers, pharmacies and healthcare insurers – can only use the BSN if the law requires it.”

And then there are also some practical issues with delivering a document with address on it.
In my household, the wife takes care of finances :slight_smile:
The gas/cable ect. bills are all on my wife’s name.
I don’t get printed bank statements (you know to save trees and stuff) and if i print one from the bank it comes without an address.
My latest tax report is over 3 months old, so can’t use that either.

In essence, KYC is a good thing, but they way it is implemented now is not good.
Not only is it breaking (Dutch) law, it is also way to much hassle for an “enablement currency” ETN wants to be.

Love to hear your thoughts.