Postponed KYC, opinions people?

This post might be considered FUD or negative to some so proceed with caution.

So for the second time now, ETN has decided to postpone the official KYC listing. The first time they postponed one month and now they postponed “until the end of the year” meaning late December. People in poorer countries also have troubles signing up due to lack of proper identification, the exact countries that ETN wanted to target.

How much does ETNs words mean when they frequently change dates more often than they keep them?

How will our bullish price rally be affected by the postponed implementations?

I think KYC being postponed is not ideal yes but as we are practically one of the first to implement it I have decided in my own mind to cut them some slack. I like the way they have gone about KYC teaming up with Yoti but of course there have been some issues.

Getting something even like an app to work in any country is a task in itself let alone adapt it for rules and regulations of each of those countries so Im sure it has been no easy task for them, people with low levels of money only have to complete a low level of KYC so I don’t believe it is an issue for the people we are going after its more somewhere in between. ETN is global it has to work everywhere so to me Im not surprised it has been delayed there is simply to much for them to do.

I completely agree with you and said in another thread announcing dates keeps biting them in the bum and they need to stop doing it and announcing stuff to early but on the other hand we are in a fast moving market and I understand they want to build hype as to be fair most of the market is based on hype.

It’s the communication that I think needs to be worked on most, I also suggested having a more central place that news and updates are released as at the moment. I feel like theres a video here a tweet there forum post here it does get alittle difficult to keep up with it all sometimes.