Please I need help

Whenever I tried to take an identity pic in yoti it keeps saying this.
I need help.Screenshot_2018-09-09-12-20-46

You need to click a pic four times. Make sure you get a green color before you click… I jst setup mine a few hours and it was all fine…

alot of problem involving yoti keeps on piling up…
make sure you are steadily connected on wifi with strong signal… or maybe they are experiencing some heavy traffics…
i hope this kind of problem will be solved during this kyc soft launch… let’s just wait tomorrow and see

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Looks like a dark room that you are in Carica. The room should be well lit up so that the software can identify your image. Did the circle go green before you clicked to take the photo?


I had to take a couple also before it was right i needed more light and needed to make sure that the circle went green in order to take a right picture :thinking:

That place is too dark for the software to properly catch all the details on ur face. Look for a brighter place.

Still saying the same thing after I tried taking a brighter pics…gutted!!

My small guess this could be related to camera quality and lighting.

Poor camera’s always struggle to take good pictures when there is no light around, just be sure you provide decent amount of light when you take a selfie, daylight is the best :slight_smile:


That might also be a problem of course maybe that’s the problem @cuddlesquid :wink: :+1:

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