Paperwallet Import

Is there anyone else having the same issue as me. I have imported my paperwallet 5 times now, but each time it completes it states that 0.00 ETN has been imported my balance is showing the correct amount but it’s not available to use. I’m getting concerned that there is something wrong. I have logged a support ticket with no response…

Please help!!

Have you submitted a support ticket and/or checked your offline balance before transferring. (within the command line). Also don’t forget transaction fees when transferring from wallet to wallet.

That is why I hate paper wallet, we should get 2fa authentication that is the best at the moment.

I have raised a support ticket but no answer other than to read an article about paperwallet.

I have had the exact same problem, and the same reply which is really unhelpful.

Problem has now been resolved, thanks.

My issue also solved now. Thank you electroneum! The best crypto project I have ever been involved in!