Paper wallet too slow

Why import from paper wallet takes days to do the transaction??

Your import has taken days?
Remember that since the import from your paper wallet must be added to the blockchain, it will not be instant. It doesn’t normally take days however.

I was also assuming it shouldnt take days… but i did initiated the txn somewhere last week and then i kept checking for 2 days and the txn was not completed… then i stopped chkn… today i couldnt chk as wallet is down…
have you tried it and how much time it took for u??

Try sending it again …that normally works.

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so what will happen to that txn?

Nothing, it obviously hasn’t gone through so just send again.

I have the same problem.

I imported my paper wallet 5 days ago with allot of coins on it.

I’ve checked every day, but it still only shows in my balance, not my available balance “transaction needs to be confirmed”

Why is it taking so long? I also cant check now because my wallet is in maintenance…

Send it again, it can’t do any harm.