OKEx vote requires twitter confirmation

Hi All

Please note: According to the OKEx telegram pin, your vote wont be counted unless you confirm it on Twitter.

Your support is much appreciated. We will definitely consider the list of tokens we have gathered.

However, since we have heard some controversies on the identity of the participants, we would like to perform a simple verification by using our Twitter page.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Cast your vote at our Telegram group
  2. Please follow our twitter page ge www.twitter.com/OKEX_
  3. Comment your telegram user name and the token you voted here re https://twitter.com/OKEx_/status/1035413404113035266

This would allow us to cross check and review the voting list.

*Please note that any participants who fail to follow the above instructions will be DISQUALIFIED.

Please don’t neglect to do this, lest you just waste your time on the telegram vote.


Why they didn’t notify us on telegram then !!?

The above quote was from the OKEx Telegram pinned message on the voting process.

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Dopo aver votato nel gruppo Okex Telegram, è necessario fare clic sul canale twitter okex
1 seguire,
2 Commentare scrivendo utente utente Telegramma e il nome della cripto per cui si vota.