Offline wallet issue + claryfying about withdraw - anybody help?

Hello one of our member have problem with getting this message: The Electroneum offline wallet import system is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and will be back online shortly.

And couldnt transafer his funds outside of the offline wallet.

And second question is if i have for example 50K or 100K at the offline wallet and want to transfer it to online for example in December - i need 1st do KYC and than withdraw? If i dont do it I couldnt withdraw or i can withdraw and couldnt send it away from my mobile to the shop or exchange… Thx for answear for both questions.

Hi @Mr.CryptoCZ

I don’t have an answer for the first question
But about the 2nd one … From what I knew, You will have to complete Level 1 at least to be able send & receive funds in your wallet

So if you want to import 50K or 100K from your Offline Wallet after the 30 days period they gave, you should complete Level 1 before doing that …or you will not be able to import balance from the offline wallet


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I had the issue with offline wallets too, but it appears to be working now.

The issue I do have is the time to make transfers, why aren’t payments being sent straight to the Blockchain? You can see below the big time difference, my request still hasn’t been sent to the Blockchain.


And I wish if they add possibility to easy check the balance at offline wallet - I know that I can use CLI wallet but this is not userfriendly. I need only to scan the code - private view and see the balance. Now I say to membres in our group that they need to trust that the coins succesfully go to the wallet - and if someone dont believe - I say just try to withdraw and than create another one and send again and have FAITH :smiley: …

How would it be possible to send more than, say, €50.000 worth of ETN from my online wallet? Do I have to send €10.000 worth in month one, then month two another €10.000 etc…?

11 hours and my payment still hasn’t gone through. It’s not a problem with the Blockchain, the mempool is currently only at 40kB, median for recent blocks is only 18kB.

The issue is the delay in sending transactions to be mined in the next block, it should be sent to the mempool instantly, not delayed for hours.

Importing from offline wallets take in January max 2 hours than i try it in June and it takes 1 day… Now I have no more experience after the last update, but IDK why it takes so long… Sorry - maybe its normal… or you are unlucky guy…

It’s about 36 hours now and my payment still hasn’t gone through. What’s more annoying is you can’t make other payments when you have one stuck at pending. Screenshot_2018-09-15-12-11-42

My import from the 14th still says pending.

@BegaMutex @Corentin @Bee Please can you look on it. Thanks

did this get sorted? I’m importing right now and it’s definitely slower than a normal transaction.

Withdraw from the offline walet was everytime slower than normal transactions. But I think that it can be done max 1-2 hours. If it takes days something is wrong… What do you think @benjaminoo

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