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Hi, I have a question on user numbers vs. active miners. Recently I saw an increment of 5k users a day on the website (now the numbers aren’t loading btw) but the active miner numbers sticks around 90k for a month already. What is up with this? Can anyone explain this? Thnx



Quite a large proportion of users are from developed countries, most likely investors or friends, family and colleagues of investors, and they aren’t necessarily too bothered about earning a couple hundred ETN from cloud mining. They either forget to extend their cloud mining after 7 days or just choose not to.

Electroneum will be introducing push notifications soon and I imagine that they will notify users when their 7 days of mining needs to be extended. We will see more users come online and stay online, especially as adoption picks up in South Africa and other targeted regions where cloud mining is more beneficial



During the PENDING time in the registration of the KYC, you cannot extend the mining days (at least on my part). This may also account for the stuck members.

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And some people have difficulty to complete KYC. Rejected documents etc. or don’t want give sensitive information and leave ETN app.

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Gui wallets in the west