No photo identification


I’m in the UK. I have an old style paper drivers license with no photo.
My passport expired 2 years ago.
I have no computer or printer to create a paper wallet.
All my coins are in the mobile online wallet.
With all this talk about needing KYC and photo identification I’m worried my account will be closed and I lose the lot.
Do I need to urgently apply for a new passport or photo driving licence?


Firstly, you should relax bud. You own those coins, they are not going anywhere! They won’t be closing your account… You may need a take a little time to get your docs in order before you are able to fully transact, and this only becomes an issue if you have a large amount in your wallet. Either way, worst case is your coins are dormant until you can sort it.


You can create Paper wallet as PDF, encrypt it and save on USB stick to keep safe (do all this while offline). (on a trusted friends PC etc)

Like said above, you wont lose your coins, you can unlock your account once the new passport comes through if you wish to leave in the my.electroneum wallet.

Dont worry. Further details will be sent out next week for everyone.


Sound like it is time to get with the times! You sound like you have less paperwork and equipment then someone living in a hut in Africa! Last time I check the UK was not 3rd world. :thinking: lol


You almost make want to start an Gofund me account for you so you can get your Photo ID! :wink:


how did you manage to get your ETN in the first place, with no Computer?

If it is all Mobile Miner rewards then that cant be enough to put you over the threshold of needing KYC surely?


Quite easily actually Colin.
I used a website called cryptomate with my mobile phone and purchased 100k ETN


Get that photo ID ASAP! :wink:


M-kid I live a very simple life but passport and new driving licence are now on order.
Should be problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:


God bless you for living the simple life in a complicated world! :wink:


Zero7 Humble lifestyle , awesome mate !