News Notifications pushed via the Mobile app


News/Announcement notifications should be pushed via the mobile app. It would be nice for people who don’t have social, aren’t on the forum or telegram, and/or who just don’t have enough internet all the time to be perusing those outlets (under banked regions). For example when the payout changed from 10 ETN to 100 ETN, if something popped up on the app letting people know it would have helped alleviate some of the confusion by those who don’t have a lot of access or missed the posts. Maybe add a tab in the app for news/announcements (similar to the wallet, miner, etc. tab) that also sends notifications to your main notifications bar on Android/iOS.

I feel like this would be the last avenue to cover to make sure people get the info they need. Then all of the bases would be covered.


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yeah it would be good to get updates and announcements on the fly on the mobile app


Something like own blockfolio app in notifications :slight_smile:


yeah, a very good idea!


I agree some type of notification on your mobile device letting you know that the payout changed to 100 ETN. I thought something was wrong with the system.


Do you think you have the biggest private Electroneum social media network?


Maybe from supporters at Twitter yes…


Cool keep up the great work. As Electroneum grows you will become the Electroneum private celebrity.


Haha thanks i can have then private HATs and Mugs :smiley: like AAT or Cent99 or some youtubers :wink:


OMG yes you should have that now!!! :slight_smile:


This is a really great idea, and something easy to implement :chipmunk::chipmunk:


I swear in one of the many many videos I have watched there was mention of push notifications, was it in the AAT/Richard Ellis series??? Hmmm. I’m not going even more mad am I? :thinking::crazy_face:


Yes it was in those videos.


Thanks @Storm :slight_smile: guess the team was ahead of me on that one