New style themes for the forum and how to change them

Hello there Electroneum community,

I hope you are all well and safe… Just a post to say I’ve been working on some new styles/themes for a month or so and some are ready to go… so I thought i’d share a few of them today with you all.

These new themes are all selectable ( These are not set by default, instructions below), you will also notice new links on the header at the top right of the page ( if they are not there refresh your page ) these links are for :-
Electroneum Blockchain Explorer
and kyc faq, When clicked on these they will open in a new tab.

New dark look with new header links at the top of the page ( header links will be available on all themes )

Added a rounded more modern look to posts and comments and made the dark modes a bit more modern look and feel.

The new style can be selected by:

  • Clicking on your profile picture top right-hand side

profile etn website

  • Then click silhouette right-hand side of the pop-up box
    etn silhouette

  • Then go to preferences
    etn preferences

  • Then interface at the bottom of the screen.

  • Then select theme at the top and select a theme of your choice.

    if you want to keep the theme on, select the tick box underneath to make it default on all devices.

  • Then save changes at the bottom of the page
    save changes

  • If you prefer the old style and would like to revert back just follow the same process, There are a few to chose from and I am currently working on adding some more… mostly dark ones also a neon theme too…

new themes are:

  • Zero hour

  • Zero Hour 2

  • Dark lightning

  • Dark logo

There are a few more that are nearly ready, I’ll post them here when they are live and good to go. I hope you like them if you do I will continue to add more as we go forward on this journey together…

many thanks, appreciate you all,

Stay safe.
:peace_symbol: :heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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Forgot to add, the header links are available on some mobile devices … but will only appear when in landscape mode… This is to stop the page from freaking out in portrait …

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My profile picture is no longer accessible in portrait mode on my phone.

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I have adjusted it so that only Anytask and ETN are visible on mobile devices, this should stop the page from needing to be scrolled left to right…
or use your phone in landscape mode if that helps.

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Much better, thank you @Planktroneum!

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No problems at all…

:peace_symbol: :heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Added og lightning, so its just dark lightning slightly lighter and easies on the eyes.

Also changed the header so it fits a mobile screen better in portrait mode.


Still no good on iPhone 12. It should be better with no links on mobile device.

  • Header Links.

Ok peeps, I need input from the community members who use mobile devices on the etn community forum.

This is about the header links at the top of the page.
Please chose an option so I can decide if this needs changing.

I’d like the user experience to be as user friendly as possible, so if this is an issue to you please vote.

  • Remove Headers completely
  • Keep ETN_Network link
  • Keep AnyTask link
  • Leave them as they are.
  • Adjust to fit better

0 voters

I will check the progress on this on Monday.

Many thanks greatly appreciated…


50/50 at the minute :man_shrugging:

“Leave them as they are” - overlooking issues is not good solution at all, please remove that links completely :slight_smile:

That is why the vote is there, I cant remove them completely if that is what one or 2 people want . If the vote goes to leave them as they are then the majority has spoken…

It’s not about what people (two users) want, but about the fact that it is poorly implemented, respectively poorly styled.
If it can’t be done better, then it just shouldn’t be there…

Appreciate your candor, It wouldn’t look so bad if I could change the sizing but I cannot.

I understand that you have limited options.

Ive removed the etn net link, looks better… But still not happy…

landscape mode looks ace but portrait … arrrrrg

Yes, portrait is an issue.
But thanks for looking for any solution.

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Now you can select themes from within the Hamburger menu in the top right next to your profile picture :point_down:
select themes in hamburger menu

the asterisk denotes which theme is active.

This saves a lot of time and is an instant theme switch.

  • Note this does not make the theme active on all devices.

New theme added… in celebration of the coming blockchain update/fork this week I thought I’d add a new theme …

Aurora :grin:

Any problems with the theme
please dm me



Nice one @Planktroneum :slight_smile:

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