NEW Crypto rich and Richard Ells interview

another interview on its way.


Top man! He has aged a bit though.


Another incoming update… Hope they are sleeping enough time… take care of your health

Great! Also he said in one of his latest videos on his YouTube channel that he was talking to Richard (before the interview was done) and he hinted about something really exciting coming :heart_eyes:
Eagerly waiting the interview now :zap:

Awesome !! Waiting for it…

Because crypto is a scary business this year haha


WOW!! All i can say is Richard ELLS is a pretty switched on dude!!!

This was a fantastic interview!! Thanks!

Just amazing! I believe that if I make a review of how ETN will change the world in the next years, I will pass out instantly. This is just mind boggling. Way bigger than Facebook, as it offers a real product.

Not to be exaggerated, but I see the Lambo getting closer and closer…

It’s 1hr video worth watching. …

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another awesome video… keep it coming!!

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