Near dreamable Future ! !!

In my opinion it is not a dream it is just a matter of time, patience and hard work !

That number looks beautiful, what date would this be in the future then my friend?


nobody knows my friend but lets hope it will be soon :sweat_smile:

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Who knows ? Maybe if the team decides to go live on a whole country and stop this alpha gamma epsilon beta test, we may have a chance. We should reach that number in a couple of african countries only.
But wait, let me guess : Soon ?

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Let’s hope that numbers will come. This mean that every registered user can hold below 1000 coins for our MAX supply to be burned.

True, the only way that the price goes up is having x millions of users for y billions of coins. Today we should have 10M users to reach the average of 1000 ETN per user.


its true lets see nobody know what will happen in the future!!!

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