My wife just had brain surgery


Hi everyone. My wife just had brain surgery andit’s been rough(She is only 25). Her health has taken a turn for the worst the last 2 years and recently she’s seen some hard times. Thanks for all the interesting and funny things you all post. It helps me stay positive. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the Gala. I used to play instruments and coordinate events when life was simpler so it’s a little slice of the past. Remember, you’re living in the good old days. Who knows wht tomorro brings. Seize the day. :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


I’m sorry to hear that @BigBrother305 I wish the best for both of you during these tough times. Stay strong friend, if you’re anything like who you are here I’m sure you’re great support to her. I will be keeping you two in my thoughts and I hope you both see stability and progress with her health. If you ever need to message someone to get something off your chest feel free to message me. Thank you for opening up and sharing this there are many thoughtful people here. I hope for a quick recovery and us all getting back to a simple life soon enough. Peace be with you @BigBrother305


Best of luck friends! Rough times are rough, stay positive as much as you can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement! @PrestoCrypto @cuddlesquid


Oh its so sad to hear, i will always pray for her
And will find a time and blow a flute to her so you can show her the video


Have a chat to these guys - I have known them to help a lot of people although it takes an open mind to acknowledge that this is the real deal. I have had very positive experiences with them so I recommend them to you. There is more to life than what we have been told - its worth a try.


My thoughts are with you both.
Be strong, I shall send some healing your way.


Oh @BigBrother305 I’m so sorry to hear that, sending so much love your way.
You remind us to be humble and always remember to be gentle with others; we never know what’s going on in other peoples’ worlds.
Wishing a speedy recovery for your wife and strength to you both :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Sending love and hugs from the u.k …

We sincerely hope that you and your family get through these hard times…

Love and respect…

Chris and family …xx



Thanks for all the love and concern fam!


@BigBrother305 stay strong. I am hoping that she will get better. :heart:


Sorry to hear that @BigBrother305. I can only imagine having that experience with my wife… Stay strong and we’re here for you both.

If the atmosphere in your household is anything like the gala thread, then I see positivity and good vibes going a long way to help the situation there. Laughter is great medicine!



Yes, we’re trying. Thanks for the positivity.


I really recommend you to give those healers a try. I realize its a leap of faith for anyone who hasn’t interacted with other dimensions and will find the concepts hard to understand but I can assure you they are the real deal. They have the ability to go to your wife no matter where she is, or more accurately they will bring her energy into their clinic and the ET’s will be able to give some advice on her condition. You need to understand that almost all disease is manifested by emotional trauma, secondary to that is karma, 3rd is the person as a consciousness wishing to experience a certain event, and by doing so helping to teach others…for example a sickness can teach those around the affected person empathy and compassion etc. Nothing ever happens randomly.Everything has purpose. The ET healers can tell you the kind of information you won’t find anywhere else. If they are allowed to help they will. This depends on the persons life contract they agreed to before they came here. I realize this is probably a lot to take for some but I have experienced these things first hand and many others have too. Our reality is much more than what you experience with our physical senses. It can’t hurt to try right?


Thanks for the recommendation. Btw, I hope you get your cryptopia stash back.


thanks - I hope so - one day they will sort it out I think. It’s a funny old world we live in - just keep smiling and living from the heart…