My Top Ten Feature Requests

Good Morning All,

This is my evolving list of feature requests for the android app. Comments welcome!

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  1. Current Value of Wallet, in local currency.

  2. Auto startup for miner or notification it is not running.

  3. Remove the zero incoming payments notifications.

  4. Fingerprint scanner for login.

  5. Current stats on the blockchain.

  6. Include a summary of the exchange services offered.

  7. From running notification link to the app, not the app info page.

  8. Let us choose to do actual mining? When powered and on Wi-Fi! Plenty of other crowd sourced projects do it.


Richard discusses alot of this in the AllAboutTech series. Fingerprint log in is in the future

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Where do we find the AllAboutTech series, I thought I followed every thing?

Im really not a fan of apple or google making these desisions for me! As lobg as its made abundantly clear for everyone before it is enabled…

Good… :sunglasses:

On you tube search AllAboutTech or go on etn Facebook and each video is posted and if I’m not mistaken each link is here on the electroneum official post.


What do you think about this idea?
Vote here …

Agreed. And glad to see these suggested.

Please no fingerprint login. My fingerprint gets worn down and stops working on my phone within a week. I do physical labor at work and I’ve tried this numerous times on my phone, it only works temporarily.

There would more than likely be a password login as a backup. I’m all for fingerprint login, as I have no issues using it on my phone. I’m sure it would be something you can choose to use or not.

So im sure the ETN team have already thought of something like this but with mass adoption in mind we want the app to be as easy to use as possible. What about if the app used a whatsapp style system so it accessed your contacts and you can send ETN directly to there wallet without having to know there receive address. Aslong as you have them in your contacts ETN can see if they have an account.

So the same way when you install whatsapp on your phone it knows who else have an account using there phone number and your contacts list ETN could use a similar method too.

Yea old phones are hit n miss with fingerprints, but its neither here nor there really. If it works for those that it works then fine. But you will always have the option to use pin/pattern like you do on your phone. So no need to worry… :slight_smile:

I was meaning to include a summary of services offered on the exchange. I spent a lot if tine signing up on coin spot later realising you cant transfer electroneum to use it as a wallet. They only allow buying and selling.

Thanks for the input this is greatly appreciated. We’ll make sure that the Dev team see these :-).

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Fingerprints might not be for everyone but it is nice to have that option for those that do want it.

In regards to wallet security:

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The most obvious missing feature by far is A BEGINNING BALANCE and a RUNNING BALANCE in the wallet.
Really, I’m supposed to subtract and add every transaction while guessing my beginning balance?
When Electroneum first released the online wallets in December some accounts became corrupted. I transferred 7500 to a coworker’s paper wallet and it showed failed in the online wallet but at the same time it subtracted it from my balance.
I know this because I was keeping a running tab of my balance since they did not give a beginning balance and running balance. I saw right away this was wrong.
When I filed my support ticket it would have made everything real simple if I could have taken a screenshot but this is besides the point.
It is common sense to have a beginning balance and running balance on an account especially if you are going to become a currency.