Multiple Wallets within the APP

Just an idea not fully thought through. More for discussion really.

I have heard soneone on here discussing a Vault where coins can be locked. Similar to that idea maybe there could be multiple wallets/accounts within one login. So that one can transfer funds back and forth. For instance if I am selling products I may want to transfer some ETN into a different “savings wallet”. But have my main wallet for normal everyday purchases.

I am not trying to over complicate the system but it could be a nice add-on.

thats actually a really good idea!!! like u can have multiple bank accounts on one login page.

A “vault” feature could be nice, especially for retailers who want tight security on how and who can access their wallets.

Coinbase have this feature and you can configure it to only "open’ when it matches predefined authorisation critaria. (2 signatures required, or verification email / pin code needs to be clicked / entered by 2 / 3 different accounts)

I dont see how general users could benefit, perhaps a “savings account” that you cant access (only after fullfilling predefined conditions) but i dont see that as a priority.

Exactly that. Would be handy to keep funds and move to “save” up and spend.

Its certainly not that beneficial having a “savings account”. Richard and the team have far more fish to fry. Its more of an addition a long way down the road that could enhance the app and the users experience. As it would crossover in similarities with a fiat bank account. That’s all I’m thinking.