Multiple payment in same time - not possible


Hi we have one BIG problem. After the last update from September is not possible to send multiple payments in same time. If you can try it the second transaction get error - failed or Retrying or something else. (and than you need to raise a support ticket bcs no one care and if you dont do it you can wait for days… I suggest to solve this - maybe team can have some night job which kill this transaction and give the balance back - to recude number of tickets…)
Can we do something with it?
In history I make some giveaways and send 10 payment in short period of 15 minutes… the available balance keep reducing my coins and everything was OK.
But now you need to send 1st transaction and wait about 30 minutes to your available balance goes back and then send 2nd payment…
See this post from game creators HODL Rocket…