Moneytap and Alipay

I have been bugging this channel to cover more ETN and he has been recently, but today’s video also talks about AIiPay and MoneyTap (both that seem to mimic the ETN API).

Considering, Alibaba and Ripple are both bigger companies already, how does ETN think their API is different than these features. Or are we soley relying on reaching “the unbanked”?

The market is so huge that i am not concerned. But the ETN team needs to be aggressive, quick and massive in their marketing, they must also make the deals with the mobile companies and get it in action, and they probably are. Fore the ambitions the ETN have i would believe they needs 10X the size of the team, but what do i know, i am a keyboard worrier and a grease monkey:) that hopes that ETN get to a dollar and in mean time i by all i can afford in hope that ETN will have success.

Electroneum’s specialty is the instant payment system and bringing it to the unbanked and globaly especialy the instant payment system that they have out now i don’t think the Api is most likely any different then those 2 because api in general is already there you can already pay on every website and integrate different payment methods for ETN its just an extra thing so that vendors can accept and use ETN on their websites and of course the unbanked also play a big role in their future goals but the api is just an extra for more acceptance of ETN in the market :wink:

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Yes its very similar to Alipay they diffence in Alipay well known and mostly limited to china.

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