Mobile Mining Times Out



Just curious if anyone knows what the time out time is when mobile mining?

At first I could have the app running in the background overnight and it would still be mining when I woke up. Now, when I wake up or even after a certain time at work it prompts me to re-login.

Has anyone else noticed this?


at first i have the same issue as what you said but now i can mine without it being prompt again to log in… i think this happen only when you are new miner…


I have also been experiencing this problem.


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I haven’t noticed a time-out for the mobile app, but I have noticed that the app even if it is running in the background requires it to be open to update the ETN reservoir. I used to be able to leave it running overnight and have it accumulate ETN, but now I would technically need to open it about every hour to generate ETN. I was wondering if this is the same for everyone else? Don’t want to sound like I’m complaining though since it is “free” ETN haha plus the ETN/hour rate is also much better now.

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Same here.

I do not get any coins if i not open the app. In Background i dont get any ETN.


I changed my battery settings for the ETN app so it doesn’t shut off the app automatically. Also sometimes when theres a cut data/wifi it stops despite showing its running in the background.


Thanks very much for the input! I’ll look into the battery settings to see if that makes a difference.

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