Mining App not working

I have been asking this question everywhere I can and just get no reply, hopefully someone on here can help as I am very dissapointed in admin to not even get responses.

I have installed the android Mining App but always get the error

Login has Expired 3080

Its the same login I used here on this forum and wallet manager so I know it works.
I have re-installed app many times, I am keen to use it but cant…

Please help…

Seems to me that the app cannot communicate with the Internet, and hence the login expires before it can be completed.

Stupid question, but are you sure the device is connected to the Internet?

If so, does the app have access to the Internet? Sometimes a setting on the Android system prevents the app from having access. Perhaps look in settings under “Data Management” or “Data Usage” and try to find a list of all apps. There could be a setting there that you could change to give the app Internet access. :+1:

Yes, checked all app setting, it has full access to internet.
It has a working connection.

If I put in a wrong password as a test it rejects me straight away.
When I enter correct password I get through to the PIN entry, my PIN is also accepted, its after all this I get the 3080 error.