Mining and mining pool

Hello to all… 1 week ago i have install on my android device the app for mining… And it run perfectly… But when i try to mining with direct software on my tablet win 10 (6gb ram, 2,20ghz apollo lake n3450, intel graphic 500hd) it run slowly for sync block chain and i close… I try with nanopool (that cant see the progress…) with spacepool (idem) with i see 20h/s … Is possible that i wrong conf? Or miner? Claymore and stack… Who can help me step by step please?

I suggest you stop destroying your tablet as mining on it is useless for some time now.
You need ASICS for mining ETN, GPUs are not good either.

Yeah agreed your gonna burn that tablet out , all for nothing

Thanks for reply… Is a good idea if i buy 1 asics usb (like as 30/40) for my tablet?

My phone went " capot" from mining, I would like to ask if mining is possible on laptop or stationary ? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

For ETN, that’s a big no no. Search online for Antminer X3, that thing can mine ETN.

Holy crap , I thought these were hundreds not thousands . They must be fast…

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