Mining after kyc


Not FUD genuine question. At the minute roughly 7 million new ETN are being minded a day. I’m guessing but i think the majority of those miners aren’t going to want to be bothered with kyc and will switch to another coin after 12th November. If we lose say 50% of the miners how will that affect the block chain ? And value ?


I my eyes miners won’t need kyc as they will put their mined coins on the exchanges to sell .

As for the second half of the question I have no idea we shall see after the 12th hahaha. I’m sure someone along with a brilliant answer to both of your questions.


After ETN gets some success and more and more people are aware of it, they could switch back to an asic resistant algo, as I am sure the GPU miners are now a lot more than before and they will be even more after a few more months. Just watch the asic being banned and the gpu miners will come rushing in.


I hope you are right I have a few GPU rigs but not mining ATM because not profitable. Didn’t mind with ETN as I believe the ones I have mined will grow in value


I made my rigs especially for mining ETN. And a day after I turned them on, the ASICS came back, so I switched to Monero instead.


Are making money on Monero are u mining for the bounce ?


I make some profit, yes. But at this price point, of course you can’t make much, but I don’t care, because my main goal is to gather as many coins as possible. I mine ETH, XMR, TRTL, XTL, TUBE and many others.


Thanks for info. To the moon


Miners will use the Daemon & CLI wallet which does not require KYC, so as long as it remains profitable they will not leave.


Exactly this!

Miners generally mine to a Wallet on an exchange so they are not affected by KYC.

As for ETN going back to ASIC Resistant i wouldn’t hold my breath. I would love it to happen but i just don’t see it.