McAfee livesafe

My computer is running windows 10 with McAfee livesafe. I’m using the cli wallet. Can you guys please tell me exactly what settings to change and where they are to make McAfee happy with the cli wallet please.

You may need more holes in McAfee hammock.

@cuddlesquid , can you be of any assistance here ?

I do not use McAfee and do not recommend using any other security software for Windows but the one provided officially by Microsoft which I believe should be part of Microsoft Security Essentials, used to be called Windows Defender.

As far as McAfee and Electroneum CLI, you would simply need to add CLI as an exception,… follow this official McAfee article on excluding particular files, in your case it will specifically be entire Electroneum CLI directory (folder) or electroneumd.exe and electroneum-wallet-cli.exe executables.


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