Max spend per transaction now €500!


Did I miss an announcement or did @Egg just sneak this out?? :rofl:
Anyhow thought it deserved its own topic… And the face says it all!

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Yeah this is really good news. IMO we need to acquire as many merchants as we can, to get those fiat/ETN trading pair volumes steadily increasing and that is going to happen IMO over the next weeks because of this announcement. That will be the thing that breaks our dependence on BTC.

Another statistic I really want to see is the 24 hour volume of transactions and (both number of and in ETN value) of the block explorer with 1 day, 7 day, monthly and yearly graph options.


Go to installations, advanced view. Still seeing new stores downloading plugin almost daily. 378 Woo commerce downloads!

Today 0
Yesterday 2
Last 7 Days 13
All Time 378


To get a more accurate number you should look at Active Installations over downloads.


@Egg, etc.


This is great news, that should sure attract a lot more vendors! That’s a significant increase which they’ll certainly welcome.