Massive news coming or more hype?


No clue what and how reliable the info is but lets see.

Those guys are very detailed with their analysis, i know its all a theory but they do have good points from previous posts.


I honestly have no idea. But personally I think its probably just someone trying to hype the coin. Considering there is this forum now for the all ETN news I think we will hear news here before anywhere else. So its probably just someone that is going to tell you something you already know. Probably nothing new actually about the project. But I could be wrong who knows

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I’m tweeting about it!!

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a little too detailed I think, I enjoy their posts good laugh! They don’t present a lot of facts but all good, their passion makes up for it. Is it going to be another price graph flop? Who knows how do these guys get all the juicy info? Must on the ETN payroll, :joy:

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probably “the collective” working their magic, see how this one pans out fingers crossed they deliver this time

whats the collective?

WOW - I like how the news travels fast and finds itself way across into this forum. :grinning: I believe your title maybe a little misleading. Jeff never said it was news or an announcement. It is a “showcasing”

I am fairly certain it will be something you have never seen before :thinking:- if you are looking for
the monster deal I can tell you it is not it. The “monster deal” news will come from Richard Ells not from us.

I am sorry to disappoint you but I hope you realize that we are just like everyone else in this forum, supporters, investors, people from all walks of life. We do not have the magic wand that we can swing and make the coin go up to $35, you do not hear me saying $35 by the end of December. We all have families, jobs, responsibilities and just like you we are part of this project because we believe in it, as it stands head and shoulders above the competition.

No, we do not work for Electroneum, we are volunteers and proud members of this great community, just like you and all the other fine ladies and gentleman !

Stay Tuned ! @Deleted_Account


You guys are great, keep the community spirits alive during tough times and attract new investors at the same time.


Speaking of which, I could use some community spirits. Mai Tai anyone?

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Who wants to bet that these guys are going to announce a free ETN giveaway?


Thank you sir Jeff! keep doing your thing man


thanks for the reply Jeff good to see a bit of fire in the belly! Guess I was questioning if you and M are genuine and 100% on board there’s a few of us that have been sceptical which I’m sure you would understand with the current climate with crypto and people like Stollaire out there. I have some understanding of what is taking place with decentralisation and blockchain technology and I also have some understanding of the 1% and organisations tied to that 1% it’s an interesting time to be alive in this point of history. Sorry I had to push ur buttons to see how you’d respond lol, I’m convinced now u and M are genuine :+1:
p.s are you guys affiliated with the collective?


M system are you affiliated with “the collective” in any way?

whats this collective?

a group that call themselves “social engineers” shill any coin and allegedly get paid to do it

interesting… got some evidence? why is their motive?

Posted pictures on here before then read this forum’s guidelines thought I might be breaching the guidelines so then deleted the photos

im on telegram @sparktik

sent u a link through telegram