Mass Marketing in OCTOBER


As we all know that the marketing starts from October.
Which is awesome as we all been waiting for this to happen from the ICO time.
I would like everyone in ETN community to get ready for the ride and help Electroneum marketing successful.

- Make positive comments. ( Etn fb page and twitter mostly) we need to keep it positive for new comers.
- Spread ETN’s goals to others (even to the haters)
- Fb groups, pages, twitter, reddit and etc, spread the Electroneum name and let them know why ETN is the future. (The goal is to make them know a coin like ETN exists)

Electroneum will do their marketing but if the community gets behind it , this marketing can get a nice boost!.
Let’s set a goal of 2months of positively spreading goal.
It’s fine if anyone doesnt wana do this but dont complain if others are doing this.(I have seen some complaining about everything)
Let’s do this.


This makes so much sense! I’m excited about the marketing starting soon and I will definitely do my part to support the team how ever I can.


very well said… mass adoption is our goal…
i’ve been doing this for sometime now in my twitter and telegram group


Facebook is full of haters. More people should support etn on fb. As our main advertising will be through Facebook.


Excellent idea. Community behind the marketing will definitely spark early adoption on social media!


I agree @Redwan with the amazing community we can gain so much out of spreading the word so far everyone is already doing a great job but if marketing starts and we will support ETN even more and help the ETN team in the future we will gain a lot of value out of that and a lot of people will see Electroneum then and slowly we will go for mass adoption we still got a long way to go but with all of us we will be able to reach Electroneums Goals! :rocket: :cowboy_hat_face:


We already see a lot more positive and supportive articles about etn. I’m ready for this October and the future! Go ETN!


Is marketing going to start when the apps are finished do you think?


Out of love today 50 Squirrel :chipmunk::green_heart: