Making Custom Stickers- Design Ideas?

Hi all! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

In light of another member’s idea to create Electroneum stickers for the back of their car to increase interest and curiosity, I’ve decided that I would love to make some really cool looking pvc stickers
with the etn logo that we can all use for marketing purposes.

I know there are some on redbubble and other print on demand websites, but they charge about $2.50 for the sticker + $4 for shipping, so $7 per sticker. But if I do a order with my supplier that I already use in my own business and mail them from my house with a regular stamp - I could cut down the costs dramatically for us all ! I could even send 2 or 3 stickers for the same price.

This is a passion project not intended to make profit but a grassroots effort for us to spread the word.

calling all artists! What would make for a kick a$$ sticker that you would like to see?

I was thinking the etn logo and name and then underneath writing “serving the unbanked” or some tag line that peaks the interest of strangers . :fire::fire::fire: Ideas welcome! :fire::fire::fire:

I don’t know but will follow this thread because I would love about 6 couple fair sized logos for my work trucks. Would like it even more if I could buy them with ETN.

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excellent! Not sure how big your work trucks are - what would an ideal size be for you?

etn payment for sure.

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A half ton, a 3/4 ton, and a 1 ton. IDK say 10 by 10 inches? The trucks get a lot of exposure to the elements, would need to be good stickers for exterior use, or vinyl.

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Anything less than 1 foot would work. Something simple like the logo, and ‘‘now accepting ETN’’

But I am open to suggestions of course.

cool, I know my supplier has 6x6" as a standard die cut vinyl size sticker, but I’ll ask if he can make some larger 10x10’s for all the truckers out there :slight_smile:
It’s Chinese New Year so it’ll probably take a good week to hear back.
I’ll definitely keep you updated

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Hey no panic. I’ve been waiting months to see a thread like this somewhere. I could get by with 6x6. Let me know when it’s order time and thanks for your efforts.

thank you so much!
I surely will.

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How much for a car window sticker in reverse for back window about 100mm? Of ETN logo!? PM me if you want private prices of ETN and postage. Thank you!

no idea I have to speak to my supplier who is away for Chinese New Year, will have more info in the next 1-2 weeks

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No rush but would like a few I think and will sneak them in peoples cars :red_car: HaHa :joy:

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@Annastasia brilliant idea , i was just looking these up , 5£ for one 140mm sticker is way over priced . That didnt include postage …

What about magnetic stickers easily removed …

Just a future idea…



Good Morning @Plankton Thanks for the support! :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

I’ll definitely check out if my supplier can source some magnetic ones or the kind you can put on the inside of your car window as well as the pvc stickers for exterior.

I have some designs picked out- there are 2 that were posted in fan art that i love and want to print so I messaged Imogen to see if she can track down the poster - but it’s all coming along nicely!

Just have to wait now until my supplier is back to get things in motion :tada::blush:


Nice one !!! Keep us updated Thankyou

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Will buy one great idea!

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Car window ones should be made from window cling @Annastasia, they will simply adhere to the glass from the inside and should be UV stable. Mag Vinyl products will have a heavy price tag comparably to other types of decals. A bit pointless in my opinion for what it’s worth. I think that if you are looking to do small batches, Ignore Die cutting and get them finished on a guillotine, you will save a lot on the set up and sheet costs…unless you’re going all mass production. Just my thoughts as it’s my skill set.

@wTz1 thanks for the input. When you say mag vinyl products have a heavy price tag , are you referring to the window cling ones?

I have a good relationship with this one supplier I use for a different product of mine, and I don’t have to pay for plate fees or set up costs which is great. Going to do a test order not go full balls to the wall, but it would just be nice for us die hard etn fans to buy stickers for less than $10 each one, seemed like a need in the market so i’m happy to fill it. We’ll see how it goes.

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Mag Vinyl is Magnetic Vinyl that comes in sheet form, off the top of my head Its about 2000 micron thick and can be purchased with an adhesive backing so that you can ‘laminate’ a printed sheet on it. People typically use them to advertise on their vehicles to avoid them being signwritten (avoiding the insurance hike!). I would insist on the stickers being guillotine finished if I was you. You should see a very decent price difference as they may well be doing that anyway and telling you that they’re die cut.

hmm well whatever works, I’ll keep this thread updated as things progress

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