Logging Block Reward Over Time


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Thank you @Mr.CryptoCZ for the data :+1:

Further updates will be done using. :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:


Too many coins being mined and dumped!
ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

March 14th 2019

Why is ETN releasing between 6-10million coins per day in to circulation? Is it any wonder the price is thru the floor!

We are now under 5,900,000etn daily

5,895,309.6 Etn daily


Updated list of main thread thank you @Mr.CryptoCZ for the data :+1:

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It’s 10% down each week… Only mathematics :slight_smile:

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The block reward should be cut at least by 50% - We have too much supply

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When we go to 2min block we don’t need to double the rewards… But it was months ago… Now we can change it but maybe we lose some asic miners and f2pool can then easily manipulate…

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This thread is just a log of the block rewards. We will see what happens v8 is coming soon I’m not sure if they plan to change block rewards, last fork rewards were raised. Over time it is continuously reduced.


Maybe speed up the decrease to 15% each week… From 10%…


I think they have been working on something we will see. It has been a known thing for awhile both the double rewards and f2. Hopefully they have a plan as I also don’t see the double reward needed.

But getting these coins into supply is not a bad thing imo. Once users come the coins will be used in ecosystem either way so the more coins in supply from total supply the better.

Also Etn has less total supply than btc when broken down with the decimal places.

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April 2, 2019


Keep going down!


Go! Go! Go!


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Down 10 a day? Thats 3650 down in years time…


We’ll see what happens with v8 :thinking:

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This is gonna blow man…


Just a matter of time :zap:

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April 10, 2019