Logging Block Reward Over Time


Just been using some of the images above and mapped out the emission curve in Excel. Each block seems to be 99% of the block before and therefore we have the following stats to look out for. Please note, I could be a day or two out in these predictions :wink:

  • 31st December 2019 ~5400 per block, 3.9m per day
  • 29th December 2020 ~3200 per block, 2.3m per day
  • 28th December 2021 ~1900 per block, 1.37m per day

Key Dates:

  • 21st March 2023 - Less than 1,000 per block
  • 10th August 2027 - Less than 100 per block
  • 30th December 2031 - Less than 10 per block
  • 20th May 2036 - Less than 1 per block
  • 9th December 2053 - 0.0001 per block


Lol. You did all the work I wanted to do but dreaded the thought of doing. :joy::joy::joy: THANKYOU!



I don’t think those calculations are correct. ETN approximately halves every year

So 4/10/2020 would be a block reward of about 3953
(Doing the calculations it looks like it would actually be around 5/10/2020 to halve)



It’s amazing what you can do if you’re bored at work!!



I don’t know about any halving. I used the stats above with the weekly block reward figures from 7th August onwards and taking that first figure and multiply it by 0.99 every week since, the difference is just a handful of ETNs - less than 10 I think up to today.

To halve each year is a 5% monthly reduction.



I hope the team do something regarding the block reward soon. It is simply too much compare to other coin block reward and comparing to the rate of adoption . Market is currently flooded with over supply of ETN, causing investor to lose interest in the coin . It is a viscous cycle , when not address may spiral out of control before any serious adoption can happen .