KYC/Yoti Issue & Concern Thread

I’m seeing a lot of repeated questions and concerns, so I felt that it would be wise to make a more centralized thread for aggregation purposes. This should also help the Electroneum team identify and address key issues, as they won’t be spread across many different threads.

If you see someone reply with the same issue as you’re having, go ahead and like their post. This will show general numbers on how many users (on the forum) are impacted by that issue. Feel free to elaborate on that particular issue if necessary by replying to that post.

If you don’t see your particular issue below, feel free to reply to this post!


I actually don’t have android phone, I cannot download yoti and electroneum app because I use iphone 4 the iOS of this phone is too low for yoti… I cannot upgrade ios apple does not support it anymore, can I still transfer my etn coin into paper wallet? without verifying yet?

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Yes, you should be able to transfer into your paper wallet at this time.

when is the deadline?

Roughly 30 days from yesterday. I’m not certain about after that, if you’ll need KYC or not, for transferring to/from your paper wallet.

Also, you may be able to complete your KYC requirements through the Electroneum website. It is under Settings -> Profile, as I recall.


yeah , what I mean is yoti that needs smartphone

Right. I think you’re able to do it without Yoti, if you used the website variant of verification. I’m not 100% certain of that though, so if you do try it, let me know!

Great idea first and foremost @Satsuikeshi I think a central thread with all issues and concerns was needed.

I wanted to say one I am seeing which is the requesting of things like pay stubs won’t work for many people. There are many of us whom are currently unemployed or retired etc and so on so those types of things won’t be able to be provided.

I’m in the United States and here the most I’ve ever needed for KYC is a Bank Statement, Utility Bill, ID, Social Security ( sometimes ), Email, Phone number. I truly think they’ll need to modify the requirements based on the country people are from. I’ve seen a wide array of issues from all over the globe where some of the current requirements simply aren’t possible. Of course Richard said this is a soft launch and I’m sure the team is taking everything into consideration to make KYC doable for everyone.

I also gave the thread a vote as well since it’s an important topic.

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Thanks! As this thread progresses, I’ll try to maintain a list of issues with the linked post in the main post.

Something @ETNCEO posted this morning I feel is the best response for this issue. These are just the early stages; features and requirements will be changing as time goes on!


You’re welcome! That’s also a good idea too and indeed they’ll definitely change over time to accommodate everyone. Obviously it’s essential that occurs for mass adoption and Richard and the team know this.

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@ETNCEO , Please kindly answer us that ready for the kyc. we have done it and accepted. But we are having address issue, and i am only concern about the 30 days durations. What can we do to get all the acceptance since the address is the problem. Please can you find away where our address or utility bills can be uploaded.?

Does anyone have any info on how to get around the Yoti app not being compatible on Huawei phones?

Contact customer support in this case. They should be able to take care of you, given the circumstances.

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By that, I mean Electroneum’s customer support, not Yoti’s.

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Thanks, appreciate the quick help. :+1:

No problem, good luck!

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So this was for my friend and they apparently have already contacted ETN support to get this reply which was helpful :sweat_smile::joy:

“Please check our forum to ask these kind of questions:

If anyone hears anything else let me know. It only appears to effect the later model phones.

He needs to contact them again, in my opinion. Let me see if I can find the thread for KYC issues, one sec.

Here ya go! KYC and AML FAQs

It wouldn’t hurt to post this issue over there, you may get a response from @Rach.

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I’ll give it a try, thanks again.