KYC ! Electroneum please be careful

Under 50 Euros, no registration necessary (Just need a Name). Electroneum CLI wallet or paper (offline) wallet is not affected by the KYC. You may send all your mobile wallet coins to your cli wallet. I supplied a link to a cli wallet guide below.

You can keep up to 50 Euros worth of Electroneum in your mobile wallet before you will be forced to cough up more information. When you reach around 40-45 Euros worth of ETN on your mobile wallet through mining, simply send total amount to your cli wallet.

A guide on cli wallet can be found here: Basic Electroneum CLI Wallet Guide with Remote Node method

We also have a paper (offline) wallet, which simply only stores Electroneum, in order to use Electroneum on your paper (offline) wallet, you would need to go through a paper (offline) wallet import either to cli wallet or mobile wallet in order to extract Electroneum.

Electroneum paper (offline) wallet guide can be found here: Electroneum Paper (offline) Wallet Guide