Issue with mobile miner 19/12/18


Hi everyone. We’re aware people are having issues with the miner and we are looking into it. Apologies for any inconvenience.

~ETN Team

Etn mining stopped


I hope i am not doing wrong to add my problem here. I just wanted to inform related people woring on it to know about the mobile apps mistake. Since my wallet had recieved 10,06 Etn in 17th, my mobile miner app got stucked at 3.63 Etn and been waiting without any change @ 3.63 Etn. The mobile app were contantly working, but then i discovered my dynamic IP had changed through ISP. So i resigned-in and authorised the device again, but still no change. Today the mobile app had an upgrading from Google Play. My phone had downloaded it, but still no change happening in the balance. As of today at this hour, for the last 48 hours, the mobile app & my phone works not for me. So all the total profit made seems to be worthless considering the time & effort spent to get ETNs. I have seen over 81K active miners yesterday, as now it’s down below 77K.
If this moble mining gets further more unprofitable, will we have to keep waiting for the balance to be another 10ETN to be deposited to the wallet address & withdraw, or will we be able to get the little sum of 3.63 Etn in our wallets deposited to withdraw to an exchange?


I has 17 ETN in wallet but its not paying out.
But its ok i have time, I keep buying more and more :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine paid out the pending balance overnight, ~19ETN now showing and pending balance counting up from zero again.


I have the same 19.62 ETN paid out gots stuck. Its submitted to the blockchain but it does not say ‘payment received’


Have you refreshed your wallet?


@Coladude - make sure you’ve updated the app to 2.6.6, rebooted the app and rebooted the phone and it should start increasing the pending balance and update the received balance too. Mine paid out and is updating the pending balance happily again now


Oh yes update and reboot did work. Thanks