Is there a time limit for KYC?

Is there a date by which we must complete the KYC?

It was yesterday!!! So i don’t think you can use your ETN before you do the KYC

I’ll give a longer answer. While yesterday was the time limit to complete KYC, the coins do not disappear. You just will not be able to do anything with them until completing KYC to an appropriate level. They are essentially frozen until then. Any effort to use the electroneum web wallet or mobile app will redirect you to the KYC process.

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I though it only had to do with the instant payments app. So I can not transfer ETN To and From Cryptopia or other exchanges from the Electronium website wallet. I did not realize that.

The wallet on the website and the app is in fact the same one. It is just different interfaces on it.
The wallet that is not subject to this is the one you can run command line on a computer after synching the blockchain. That would be what the exchanges use.

Then it’s perfect I think the coins would be taken from your account.