Is It Worth Mining ETN on a PC or Mac?


I have a couple of questions… :slight_smile:

Is any one mining ETN on a PC or Mac (after the July fork)?

If so, how often and how many ETN do they get?

Are you pool mining or mining as your own node (and/or using the CLI wallet)?

I guess this isn’t profitable given ASIC miners and pools. But if ETN rises in price a coin mined today may be profitable in the future.

Anyways any insights on these questions and any related ones you might have would be great.

Thanks :):grinning:


Correct answer would be, “No”
What you can do is pick another GPU/CPU coin and sell it for Electroneum.


Makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:


I agree with @cuddlesquid Unless you’ll get a little asic i don’t think that you’ll get much out of it then Its better to mine a different coin and sell that one for ETN and ETN is still low So yu might actually be able to scoop up a bunch then still :wink:


yea you’d be better off mining something else and selling it for etn.