Is it ETN future in the present

Human beings are always the least alive in the present because they are generally sorry for life-defects from the past, and for the sake of patience, care and inability to look uncertainly into the “future.” Perhaps collectively speaking, life was “easier” when we think of the past in such a way that we can learn from it, that old mistakes from life do not make life.

What do you think?

Well, as the saying goes: “Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard”. Not everything is an overnight success. Can’t always go from A to Z. In other words, can’t always go from ground to lambo dealership on moon overnight. But hey, I think the future is bright, gotta wear shades. So right now with ETN, we’re going from A to B to C to D…and so forth. The developments are happening. The work is happening. The progress is happening. It’s not giant leaps, but it all adds up over time and the success will come.


What do you think, 2021 is when we see the larger growth? And then continue down the 5/10 year path? if so, I don’t know what 1 ETN equivalent value would be at that point. Like, how do you pay for something if the value changes?

A blockchain is forever as far as I’m concerned, so it will never go away. ETN is creating an ecosystem around that blockchain that can progress for years and years to come. Can’t put a date on larger growth, it will come whenever ETN gets spread thin by those needing to acquire it to buy things or hold/invest. ETN can be parsed into .01 units, therefore if the value of anything changes, that can be adjusted accordingly to meet the value.

Additional thought: 5G network. The future of mobile networks will be 5G. ETN has established partnerships with mobile providers that have millions of users. Those mobile providers have agreed to accept ETN exclusively as payment for used data. ETN has a potential to be seen as a coin that is hedged against the 5G network. Almost like a petro dollar. 1 ETN can become pretty damn valuable in the coming years.


Btc was nothing when they lauch, so etn will be pump in future too… everything is hope and trust in crypto market!


I agree. I still see BTC as father of all Crypto. The original decentralized idea was revolutionary at 2009. I believe only true visionaries or the ones that hate banks, funds, wall street, (like me), bought the BTC in the beginning. Unfortunately today BTC is manipulated to the core and highly speculative. Electroneum you need to believe and do your part to make this crypto project to succeed. I am sure Electroneum will be the 2nd father of all Crypto in the future cause of the concept and great idea to become the first real instant payment for the people around the world.
I believe that can not be stopped. The Electroneum future started.

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