Is etn does have a remitance?


etn does have remitance?I mean can I sent etn to western union ?


Electroneum challenges Western Union in its simplicity as a cross border payment and not to mention …low fees…point to point transfer from mobile to mobile etc.
In my country. …Australia,Western Union fee is $7.50
or roughly € 5
Why pay extra?
Go ETN !


They both are ways of money transfer fintech.
So you cant send etn to WU.
Why send to WU lf you can just send it to another users wallet directly.


does etn have remitance cost? American
has etn remitance cost? British

I corrected it grammaticlly:face_with_monocle:


Etn has fees, no remmitance.


Just send ETN to the recipient and save the fee.


The answer is simple in your case. Speak with whomever it is that you wish to send currancy to and help them to register and put the ETN mobile mining wallet on there mobile phone. Send the appropriate amount by checking the calculator in the app for currency and etn value. Ask the person to text across there receiving address send them the amount they require. They will receive it immediately and be days ahead of the competition. They can exchange the ETN for cash with an investor or send it to the bank via an online wallet transfer. Or send (a high risk of failure) cash in the mail.